Zen's Stylesheets

Yale is currently using Zen 6.x-1.1. The Zen theme has many stylesheets, each representing a group or type of style to help make it easier to stay organized. You do not need to change all of them; the beauty of using CSS Injector is that you only need to change the ones you want to change. The 16 major stylesheets are attached to this page in the event that you need a style as it relates to your YaleSite. This is merely meant as a reference so you can target the style to get the results you want.

  • html-elements.css: the default styling for all HTML elements and standardize the styling across browsers.
  • layout-fixed.css. layout-liquid.css: Zen's default layout is based on the Zen Columns layout method. The layout-fixed.css file is used by default and can be swapped with the layout-liquid.css file. These files are designed to be easily replaced. If you are more familiar with a different CSS layout method, such as Blueprint or 960.gs, you can replace these files with your choice of layout CSS file.
  • page-backgrounds.css: Layered backgrounds across scattered divs can be easier to manage if they are centralized in one location.
  • pages.css:Page styling for the markup in the page.tpl.php template.
  • blocks.css: Block styling for the markup in the block.tpl.php template.
  • navigation.css: The styling for your site's menus can get quite bulky and its easier to see all the styles if they are grouped together rather then across the header/footer sections of pages.css and in blocks.css.
  • views-styles.css:Views styling for the markup in various views templates. You'll notice this stylesheet isn't called "views.css" as that would override (remove) the Views module's stylesheet.
  • nodes.css:Node styling for the markkup in the node.tpl.php template.
  • comments.css:Comment styling for the markup in the comment-wrapper.tpl.php and comments.tpl.php templates.
  • forms.css: Form styling for the markup in various Drupal forms.
  • fields.css:Field styling for the markup produced by theme_field().
  • print.css:

Taken from the Zen Stylesheets page on drupal.org

Download the Zen CSS Files

You can download the zip file with all the styles that make up the Zen theme. Most likely you will not need all of them. The zen.css has the main styles that you need to focus on to get your site looking the way you want it to.